“Urban` Guantanamo” in Torreblanca

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The New General Plan of Fuengirola has been developed without any type of public participation, no collective opinion has been asked for, and neither from the other political parties. This tells us, a lot about who governs in our city.

This New Plan establishes an exorbitant population growth, that puts Fuengirola as one of the cities with the densest population in the world, more than Tokyo and Hong Kong.

From the PSOE of Fuengirola, it has been argued on various occasions that we reject this urban project, because it doesn`t  take into account the real needs of the citizens and the damaging consequences which this can cause.

Fuengirola is a municipality which doesn`t have sufficient infrastructure to accomodate this population, and because of the lack of foresigth of the government of Oña, we haven`t got land for health centers, educational institutions and other public equipment.

We serve as an example of an “Urban` Guantanamo” in Torreblanca, where the local PP government has allowed with its passivity, some urban plans, attacking the environment and illegally done.

The silence of the local government has been used by some construction companies to alter their legal situation for example in C/ Zorzal, C/ Brezos and C/ Perdices, among others.

As we can`t expect a pyromaniac to put out the fire that he has caused, so we can`t expect the PP to find solutions for this urban disaster which they have caused or ever to find solutions for the consequences of this, such as overbuilding, lack of mobility, traffic problems, pollution and all the negative situations which policies which don`t pay attention to the real needs of the residents have caused. It is necessary to govern for all the people, as 13.000 votes don`t give the right to govern against the 57.000 remaining.

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